27/09/2019 15:01:30

SS01 – Sustainable personal goals: engaging students in their learning process


Everyday new educational approaches arrive to our classes. With the aim of engaging students and make them acquire useful competencies and skills for their careers, new methodologies and pedagogical approaches are included in our daily teaching work.

The educational framework of the European Higher Education Area has pointed the need of new quality teaching systems and different educational processes to be used by faculty. Teamwork, leadership, adaptability, self-efficacy, etc. are not part of courses’ curriculum, but these skills are included in our daily work with students.

On the other hand, apart from active methodologies we have notice that mentoring programs with students have emerged in several universities to improve students results, confidence and commitment. Moreover, through this effective intervention strategy individualized support based on mentee’s needs is implemented.

Finally, after the publication of the sustainable development goals in 2015, society as a whole and particularly education facilities, promote the education for sustainable development to promote sustainable development by empowering individuals with values, skills, and knowledge to be agents of change.

This special session will focus on three main themes: pedagogical approaches, mentoring programs and education for sustainable development.


Topics in this special session include, but are not limited to:

  • New approaches and methodologies in university studies.
  • Engaging students with new proposals.
  • Mentoring programs in university studies.
  • Acquiring soft skills in undergraduate degree studies.
  • Sustainable education.
  • Education for sustainable development.
  • Sustainable development goals.

Session Chairs

  • Marián Queiruga-Dios, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria (Spain)
  • Pedro Mauricio Acosta Castellanos, Universidad Santo Tomás (Colombia)


Marián Queiruga-Dios

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Carretera Pozuelo a Majadahonda, Km 1.800, 28223 Madrid, (Spain)

e-mail: marian.queiruga@ufv.es